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Finally got a pic (the weather, free time and being home all aligned for a change!).


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Sweet!! Those side steps look great on red.
Very nicely accessorized truck!
Nice looking truck, the red is really nice ;).

I can see a few accessories I want now, but they will have to wait till after my vacation.
What a way to shine your ride!!
Thanks for sharing.
Very pretty. I'm sure you grin while you drive it.
Very nice picture. The truck looks great.
:cool: nice ride.... :cool:
Wow, I hadn't really noticed it until reading the comments... she sure does look shiny. :)

I think it was just the time of day though, because she's got a fine yellow powder all over her :eek: . It shows up more in the closeups in the bumper paint TSB thread.

Truckin' I tend to resemble this litttle guy when I'm driving her! -> :D
Great looking vehicle! That red sure is a pretty color!!
1 - 13 of 13 Posts
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