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Hello Everyone,
I'm looking for some assistance. This place has been awesome for knowledge for this Freshman. So, here we go !. I have an 06 Ridg EX-L.

So, I'm trying do something different with the light bulbs in behind the heated seat switches. I need to replace a couple burned out ones, but I want to change them to (BLUE BULBS) thought that may look cool.

Has anybody here tried to search for different color bulbs for these switches as a quick and easy mod?. If so can you pass on any part numbers or a website. Any help would be greatly appreciated ! Thx ALL!

These are Honda's part numbers for the original bulbs below:
35852-SJC-A01 BULB A, A (14V 40MA)
35852-SDA-A11 BULB B, B (14V 70MA)
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