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i make my first vtm-4 oil change after 85000km, all is ok nothing on magnet

question to pro can i read vtm4 temp by CAN BUS on ODB2 port ?

i make calcul of minimum rear torque at full power at 150 and 300lbs all approximate in perfect world no loss

gear___ratio______ torque_______rear % 300lbs____150lbs %
1_____12.23_____ 3000lbs___________20%_____________10%
2 ____ 7.29______1800_____________30% _____________15%
3 ____ 4.84______1200 _____________50%_____________25%
4____ 3.48_____ _870 _____________70% _____________35%
5_____2.44______611______________ 98%_____________50%

all % up when i lower power need_____ the rear send alway same torque at all speed and power
at this, add vtm4 % when wheel slip or accel __ vtm-4 action is 40% lower than OEM


18 Posts

finally my vtm4 was broken 3000$ to change rear unit HA HA april fish

no serius my 2 ampere rear constant current button work very good and often i can make solid donut in 12 po snow easy

now i work to add snow mode
need same as diff with auto-lock each wheel can turn faster or slower with more torque on sleep

first solution:
i send current pulse on clutch 30 ms ON 12V ___130 ms OFF 0V __ 6 Hz(6 pulse/seconde)
ms = milliseconde
pulse ON = torque pulse OFF = wheel is free

final = 30ms right _____50ms OFF______30ms left_______50ms OFF
i can turn wheel easy with hand at 2 rpm but need to much torque to turn it faster the 30ms pulse is strong______
a lower speed wheel receive more torque

i started my test at 3Hz (230ms off time) the clutch is very slow to open this is the max speed i can
i need to speed up the clutch to open 3hz is not good on 90 degre corner i feel to much reverse torque on external wheel___ this wheel need to turn faster __ the 2.7% ratio 2st gen help here

i find method to accel it to 8Hz and more now law of magnetism contact me if need more on this little more complex my anglais is not good for it

now at 6hz the OFF time at the wheel is better zero torque each wheel can turn more faster when it need and the ON pulse is smaller i not feel pulse torque on corner

i send more result when i test it on snow but i thing it can make better offroad also with more agressive pulse
i see new passport in offroad and see it send pulse on rear i don't know if ivtm4 send oil pulse or is linear

and on pulse OFF the oil can enter better in clutch___ i thing
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