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Mods look great

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It was a tough two days without our truck. We're very happy with the modifications we had installed. We got the running boards, roofrack, backup camera and electric assist brakes put on by the dealer. Our nephew installed the hitch and air deflector (not in this photo, it just went on today). We put the rear splash guards on, a job you should not pay someone else to do! We also built a doggie deck in the back seat area. That's all the mods for now, but I still want a couple more in the future.

The roofrack did increase wind noise as one would expect when the moonroof is tilted or open. We minimized it by sliding the cross bars to the back, away from the window. We've had no other wind noise problem and we can rule out leaks after several days of heavy rain. So far we are simply thrilled with our new truck.


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Beautiful truck!
Drive it in good health!
Thanks for the pix
Your truck does look great, good job.

Do you know what the difference in windnoise between having the roof rack and not.

Yes, we drove around with the moonroof open before getting the roofrack on. It was very nice. It's just a bit noisier with the crossbars back, but was too noisy with them in their normal position. We did not get the air deflector for the moonroof, as Honda advises against that if you get the roofrack because of turbulance.

We still wanted the roof rack. I like the way it frames the truck and makes it easy to spot. It also gives me something to hold onto when I hoist myself up on the running boards to wash the windshield. I also love that there is no antenna to wrangle with.
Ok, I have to ask, What is a doggie deck. I Love my Ridgeline, but my one dog is not quite as happy. Post a picture if you get a chance.... :)

I'm interested in your doggie platform. Can you post some pics of it? I have been thinnking of doing something like that when I get my Ridge. BTW, your Ridge looks great!
I've posted a description with photos of how we built our deck in this thread:

If you have anymore specific questions or comments, post or PM me.

My dogs love their truck. They can see out the windows easily, but mostly they curl up and enjoy the ride. Not when we leave the pavement though. They know dirt roads mean doggies get to run wild at some point.
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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