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I'm looking to get a moonroof deflector for my '19 RTL-E to cut down on the noise at highway speeds. Comparing Honda OEM unit versus WeatherTech's...with a $50 difference I have some questions...

1) Honda unit appears to have 4 fasteners (1 at each corner + 2 additional within the leading edge space between the corners) and costs about $109 online; the WeatherTech unit has only 1 fastener at the corners and costs $59.95. Are 4 fasteners really better/necessary to prevent any vibration/rattling compared with only 2 of WeatherTech's?
2) Are there significant differences in material and construction quality?
3) Is there a significant difference in the length of the deflector (i.e., does one cover that much more of the actual roof opening?

Thanks in advance!
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