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It may reduce the wind noise with the roof open, but it's butt-ugly, scratches the paint underneath over time, and traps dirt and debris under the visor. Need I say more?
No. It'll quiet it down a tiny bit, but it's not worth the down sides (messes up your paint, ugly as sin, and blocks half the sunroof opening). Open the sunroof all the way and crack open the rear slider. It'll be quieter that way than with a ridiculous piece of plastic who's only job is to cost money, ruin paint, block the opening and look stupid.
Glad to hear I'm not the only one who dislikes moonroof/sunroof visors.

Reminds me of the bra and car cover craze of years ago. At no time in my life have I ever felt the urge to spend $300+ to strap a vinyl bra on the front of a vehicle to avoid a few bug splats while leaving permanent 'tan' lines on your paint and scratching the entire area under the bra. Ditto for most car covers. :)

I recommend removing a dealer installed moonroof visor asap. Mine was only on the vehicle for a couple of weeks before I bought it and there was already a lot of dirt and some light scratches under the rubber visor trim. The G2 moonroof visor also fits the Pilot, sell it on eBay. I got $60 for mine on eBay.
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