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Mr. Opportunity Abuse

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poor Mr. Opportunity....He just got it pretty bad. See the photo.
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Here is the quote from the blog"

Gah, I hate, hate, HATE the annual end-of-model-year clearance sale commercials from Honda with the animated spokesman, "Mr. Opportunity".

I have difficulty putting my finger on exactly what it is about Mr. Opportunity I find so grating. His attitude can easily be described as "smarmy". He seems like an @$$&%$ jock who's acting nice to you for a while just so you will let your guard down and he can steal your lunch money. In other words, he thinks he's Biff Tannen, and he's going to treat you like you're George McFly, and I mean George McFly before Marty interfered with the timestream.

Come to think of it, Mr. Opportunity looks like the mutant offspring of Biff Tannen and the Sesame Street Muppet Guy Smiley.

Plus, Rob Paulsen does many fine character voices, but, as "Mr. Opportunity", he just comes across as an extremely low-rent David Spade."
The way I see it is; I much prefer the Mr. Opportunity Ads vs. reducing the resale value of my RL by giving it away. Honda has always held firm on keeping up the resale value of our cars. Thank You Honda!! :D
IMO, it beats Lee "Whatever happened to my Bike endeavor" Iacocca, or Snoop Dog! I do like Snoop's ride on the course however.
Great point Twinjogger, I could not agree more! I think Mr. Opportunity is the most sane of all of the car adds these days. The theme is good, the message is clear, and the production is not offensive. It's not too over the top and it does not literally scream at you. I can't wait for them all to be over with. I really like Lee Iococca (sp?) but am absoluty sick of seeing the same add over and over. Ahh, but when the adds for "Employee Pricing" and all of the related BS are finally over with - we get to be burried in real BS with the fall political adds. I will take an overload of Mr. Opportunity any time!
You can say that again. :rolleyes:
Actually, I kinda like Mr. Opportunity knockin. Went a Dealer the other day and they had Mr. O sitting in the car, with his arm out the drivers door. I would like one of these stick on Mr. O thingys. How about a Mr. O's arm slammed in the side opened trunk door, or in the in-bed truck. "I'm Mr. Opportunity and I'm stuck in here, can you hear me knockin?" :D :eek: :D
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