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So I wanted to share a product that I find works extremely well if you want music to come through your stock stereo without that annoying cable to connected to the ill placed aux port.

The product is called Kinivo BTC450 Bluetooth Hands-Free Car Kit for Cars and I have to say that this is one of the better purchases I have made in a while.
Here is the link to the product:

  • Auto connects to your phone
  • Simple interface that allows you to control your music without touching your phone. It has a center button that kicks the music into gear as well as two buttons on top that allow your to toggle back and forth between songs
  • My RL has bluetooth built in so when I either make or receive calls the Kinivo steps back to allow the Honda bluetooth take over.
  • Music sounds great. Perhaps won't satisy the picky audiophile but for someone that wants tunes this works great.

  • There is a little issue that occurs every now and then when I receive a call...the music will not return when call has ended. The simple resolution is that you just have to push and hold twice and the music comes back on.
  • Volume control can still be controlled by the phone. So if you get this and you wonder why you have to turn your car volume way up to hear something, check your phone's volume first.
  • I think the speaker phone is not the best. When tested the Honda sounded better which if you have one in your car, that doesn't really say a whole lot. Or it could be that I have mounted lower and my voice is not being directed.

The Kinivo needs to be powered via the 12v input and be connected to the aux port at the same time. Since I like my truck to be wire free I found a way to achieve that "clean" look.

Aux port:
I found a way that I could disconnect the port from behind the glove compartment. I had to reach up and around and with a simple pinch from the sides the sucker came loose. Now, this was a while ago, but I remember I had to remove the housing so that I could place it back into the port for that "stock" look. Once you remove the housing it does expose a circuit board...what I did was take some a large heat shrink tube, and hit up the ends to create a cover. From there I zip tied to nearby wire. Finally, I connected the stereo jack cable and ran it behind the center console down to the drivers side kick plate where there is nice void.

In order to get power from behind the center console I picked up a 12v plug with an in-line fuse and tapped the left side 12v input from center console. I used wire taps to make the connection. Ran the wires down along the console while making sure to zip tie any loose ends. Had to pull the console out to do this work.

Ok, I have power and have sound. Now I just need a place for the interface. Since the product is circular and the 12v input covers are circular I felt the best looking place would be the center of the console right between my seat heater switches.

To achieve this I removed the blank plate and proceeded with my dremel tool to notch the right side just big enough for the cable radius. I then ran the product wires through the opening and reinstalled the blank cover with the interface wire placed neatly into my new notch. From there, I tucked the wires along the left side of the console and zip tied them to an existing group of wires and connected the Kinivo's power and stereo jack to my cable that I ran from behind the glove box. Reinstalled the kick plate, and the center console and then used the provided 3m two sided adhesive disc and stuck the Kinivo interface onto the blank plate.

Finally synced up my bluetooth with iPhone 5s and we were rocking out. I will get some pics of the final install. I am happing to answer any questions. Hope this helps guys and this finally satisfied my need for integrated BT!

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this looks great and its cheaper than the Belkin - reviews on Amazon look positive also - I just finished running a adapter from the stock location to that blank center switch.

I also split it behind the dash and ran a second cord into my center console. I was going to ad a USB port to my center console next to charge and play - but with this I may have to change all that.

I did not pull out the stock aux adapter though - I plugged in a L-shaped adapter - pulled up the rubber tray insert and drilled a hole under it to run the cable behind the dash - the downside is I put a hole under the rubber tray (cant see it though) but the rubber tray will not sit back down very well - its "baconing" a bit - but looks fine -

Thx for the info.
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