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My 1st Service Pass Coming Up. Question

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I hope I posted this in the correct topic forum.
Im due for my first service soon. I have always done my own oil changes but for records and since it’s included Im going to let the dealer do it.
My question, is the dealer compelled to use Honda branded oil ? I ask because Ive seen 55 gal drums of motor oil there before. Sorry but I just cant put an unknown oil brand in my engine. I just cant, call me anal I get it.

Would you fellas agree that reading this:

The dealer is compelled to use Honda branded parts and oil ?

Opinions fellas ?

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Does anyone really know if the factory uses “Honda branded oil”? Why don’t you ask the dealer what brand oil they use? If you don’t trust them to tell the truth then I certainly wouldn’t let them touch my vehicle. Also, hate to break this to you but they probably won’t change the oil filter on the first oil change. You ‘ll be able to tell if the filter was changed by whether or not the truck drips oil for a few days after service!
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In my experience. :)
Me too. I let the dealer do the first oil change on our Pilot. They changed the filter too. The next morning I had oil drips on my garage floor from the mess they left on the subframe. On my son’s Pilot they cut a chunk out of the fender well liner to gain access to the oil filter. (And for some reason swapped out his EarthDreams engine cover for one without the EarthDreams emblem.) This dealer generally does a good job with service work, but I wonder if they contract out oil change work.
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