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My 1st Service Pass Coming Up. Question

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I hope I posted this in the correct topic forum.
Im due for my first service soon. I have always done my own oil changes but for records and since it’s included Im going to let the dealer do it.
My question, is the dealer compelled to use Honda branded oil ? I ask because Ive seen 55 gal drums of motor oil there before. Sorry but I just cant put an unknown oil brand in my engine. I just cant, call me anal I get it.

Would you fellas agree that reading this:

The dealer is compelled to use Honda branded parts and oil ?

Opinions fellas ?

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Yea, i know all that. Lol
My question isn’t the usual “whats a better oil” , its about policy regarding Honda Service Pass. If anyone knows.

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Thanks Roger.
I thought it was a caption from Honda. Maybe not. Anyway Ill ask the leave the empty bottles in the box i put in the bed.
“Trust but verify”
“If the drum oil meets the requirements”
Thats a big unknown if at a dealership. Where they even put in the proper weight grade is a big “if”.
Thanks again

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Thats a stretch. Lol

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No I wouldn’t.
I know what they are intentionally and maybe worse, not intentionally capable of.
I know the most senior tech there. I ask for him or they don’t get my car, i know he smokes and i leave him a carton of Marlboros on the seat for a tip ( i get free cartons off ships as a gift for some strange reason). I mark the tires & the oil filter and Ill watch from a distance.
Because I know as much as anyone what dealers are capable of.
But as far as emptying bottles of OEM oil and doing what with it ? Then using the bulk oil and handing me the empty bottles is kinda…a stretch. Lets not get carried away.

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On Forester forum a woman brought her new Forester in for oil change.
“Your cars ready”
She got a few miles from the dealer and the engine seized.
The idiot drained but never filled.
She did get a new car out of it.

Dealers pay these guys like crap and for the most part we get what they pay for.

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Good point.

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Unless you see an actual bottle of Honda oil the rest is hearsay. If you're that specific with oil requirements best to eat the free oil change and do it yourself, eliminates all the guesswork.
Actually the dealership and the service was great.
For me it wasn’t about what I wanted them to use but more about what I didn’t want. The unknown 55 gal, more profitable for the dealership oil. Yep Im that anal always have been especially with my bikes. Lol
Anyway Jim who is the most senior tech there did the A-1. He came out told me he did the auto start update and the empty Honda Ultimate 0w20 Bottles he put in the bed in the box. One would have left over oil. Customers can actually view the work being done from the lounge n
He also changed the filter and even though Honda doesn’t pay for that on A-1 the dealer always charges it anyway at no charge.
I tipped both him and the service writer and Ill use them again for sure as they earned my business.
The Toyota dealer across the street which Ive had prior service experience with, this was a 180.

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