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My 1st Service Pass Coming Up. Question

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I hope I posted this in the correct topic forum.
Im due for my first service soon. I have always done my own oil changes but for records and since it’s included Im going to let the dealer do it.
My question, is the dealer compelled to use Honda branded oil ? I ask because Ive seen 55 gal drums of motor oil there before. Sorry but I just cant put an unknown oil brand in my engine. I just cant, call me anal I get it.

Would you fellas agree that reading this:

The dealer is compelled to use Honda branded parts and oil ?

Opinions fellas ?

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I too am coming up on my first “free” service. My dealer only uses synthetic, but he did not specify it was Honda Branded oil. They also requested that I bring it in every 5,000 miles and not to wait for Maintenance Minder notice. They do not like to wait that long. As it’s free, and I always change mine at 5K also, I’m in full agreement with them. Since the dealer provided a FREE lifetime power train warranty (free for every new & used vehicle purchased there), I’m not too concerned if they use Honda oil or something else that meets specs. The warranty is backed by a 3rd party, so if the dealer were to change hands or go out of business, the warranty remains, good nationwide.
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Hmmm....My 2022 did not come with any mention of a Service Pass by dealer... Is this something that Honda provides to all new RLs?
It came with my 2023 new in March. Said maintenance on us for first 2 years or 24k miles. Was packed in as a single half sheet with owners Manuel packet.
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