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I purchase my 2018 RTLE new and loved everything about her except for those half-open back doors which I have since changed the kit so that they open more.

The one other thing that I found annoying is that she has to let everybody know when she is going to pass them to the point that when I brag or taunt my fellow golfers about what I am going to do to them in golf,my wife will say "Play like an Avalon and not a Ridgeline!"

Stay with me now and we'll get there:)

I have an Avalon also. When I am about to pass someone on the road, I simply punch the gas pedal and the Avalon quickly and quietly zips around them.

Now my Ridgeline on the other hand feels the need to announce she is about to overtake someone when I punch the gas pedal by shouting "AHHHHHMMM GETTING READY TO GO FAST!" then in the next second she kicks into a passing gear and takes off,. In other words my wife analogy is telling me to just play golf and cut the chatter.

It can be annoying at times but I love her dearly (uhh, both my gals [hee-hee]}馃槀

There really is no problem here, I just wanted to share something on the light side.
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