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Back in 2014 I decided I'd like to get a Ridgeline, only to find out they were taking a year off. I couldn't find a new one on the lots and used was so close to new I thought I'd wait for Gen2. That was quite a wait as most of us know.

I found this forum last April while checking out the Gen2. Learned a lot here and am glad I waited for the Gen2.

My local dealer finally got one June 21st and by the time I got to test drive a RTL-T on June 22nd, it already had 140 miles on it. My wife was with and we both liked the RTL-T and told them that evening we'd take one in Deep Scarlet Pearl. The dealer said they were allotted 10 Ridgelines, I believe into August and that we were the fourth to put a deposit on one.

They were going to check around the four state area and see if they could swap with another dealer. They weren't able make a trade. Originally they were told ours would be made the first week of August and delivered late August/early September. I figured I waited this long, a couple months should be easy.

The third week of July the dealer contacted us with a VIN and an ETA of August 10th. How nice, quicker than expected. Well late this last Saturday they called to tell me it showed up. Monday afternoon I drove it home. This RTL-T, according to the vin, should be a little over the 5000th off the line.

Basically got it a month earlier than expected. For those waiting for their Ridgelines to show, there's a chance it could be sooner then originally thought.

I'm really liking this Gen2 and the DSP color. When I'm driving it, I can't believe I'm in a pickup. The ride is nicer than any pickup and a lot cars for that matter. As I learn more about it and get some miles on it, I'll report back.
Welcome aboard. I have the same model in the same color. I almost drove my wife crazy waiting on it.
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