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I do. I find the topper very useful. It doesn't take away too much away from the original looks.

your truck tho is very sexy. I want to add some accessories like front grill, side steps and a roof rack. Also maybe find a place to paint my rims black....

I also find that I sit lower than other suvs. is that my tire size or rim size? Kinda like it low tho.

Thanks.. I wanted to go for a classy/sporty look.. I live in Jacksonville, FL so everyone has trucks that looks like they are going muddin'

Since I use to live in Boca Raton and go there from time to time. I wanted a truck that I can park next to a Land Rover, or a BMW and have them look twice.

As far as sitting low.. and your question , it's just the stance of the truck. you can do soemthings to give it height, you can get taller tires to bring it up a little but your going to mess with the speed-o-meter.. there is a guide line that someone put up that was very helpful in choosing the rims and tires and what you have to do to make it work, right down to taking the fenders off if you went bigger and other mods. Then you can lift it. I try to stay away from changing it from factory , things starts to break when you start changing too much.

I went the biggest tire without mods on 20". So I don't rub when I make a hard right or left. Our turn radius is not the best in the first place. but it didn't have the height. The bigger rim and the wide tires makes it look taller.. 275/45 R20..

I kept the sheet so I'll send it to you. .


1 - 2 of 13 Posts
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