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My Ridgeline purchase story

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Probably not your typical story from what I have been reading here and on other sites. I didn't do any research beforehand, and really didn't know squat about the Ridgeline before I drove it off the showroom floor.

About three weeks ago, I about had it with my Ford Explorer Eddie Bauer. Everything was going wrong with it, and I no longer had any desire to put any money into the money pit.

When I woke up that morning, I headed straight to the credit union. I got a pre-approved auto loan then decided I would go to the BMW dealer to check out their X5 SUVs. I had previously test driven a Mercedes ML500, and I was pretty impressed with those too. I was pretty much set on getting either a BMW X5 or a Mercedes ML500, depending on which I liked better at the end of the day.

Only a funny thing happened on the way to the BMW dealer. As I drove down the boulevard on the way to the BMW dealership, I caught a glimpse of the new Ridgelines at the Honda dealership. I decided to stop and give them a look over--- more as a validation that I would be making the right choice when I purchased an X5 or ML500. I hadn't owned a Japanese car in over a decade, and really had no plans to do so that day.

Well a couple of hours later, and some furious negotiating back and forth, I found myself the owner of a brand new white Ridgeline RTL. One thing that helped immensely with my negotiations was a preprinted cut and paste of the dealerships I was intending to visit that day. I made it abundantly clear that I would own a new vehicle by the end of the day, and I didn't hide the fact that I was leaning towards either a BMW or a Mercedes SUV.

I guess the salesman, saw that I wasn't kidding. I flatly refused to pay their asking price which was several thousand over invoice. I was simply aghast at the thought of paying over invoice, "Why the hell would I pay over invoice for a Honda when the BMW and Mercedes that I really want is being discounted below sticker?" At the time, I didn't realize that Ridgelines were somewhat of a commodity; the hot new model, and maybe my naivete and unwillingness to budge made their resolve stronger to seal a deal with me.

I was about to walk out with my pre-approved loan when the salesman came back with his last offer. I quickly did the math in my head and realized I would save almost $20,000 on a vehicle which was in many ways much more useful for my purposes, and deep inside, I also knew that I would be getting something a bit more reliable (judging from the BMW that I already own.)

So there you have it, when I woke up that morning, I knew very little about the Ridgeline, and by that afternoon, I was driving off the lot in one.

By the way, I wasn't all that familiar with the trim levels, but I asked for the one with all of the bells and whistles and still managed to make it under what a base model of the BMW I wanted started at.

Got the RTL with Navi, Moonroof, roof rack, side-steps, bed extender and a trunk. They said the trunk was a $5,000 option, but they threw that in for free in the deal.


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Wow!! I sure hope the service department is more upfront than sales.
This is a letter for Honda of America.
Reality is, you made an excellent choice.
Drive it in good health.
By the way, you were kidding about the trunk thing, weren't you?
I hope you were kidding about the trunk!

Good Afternoon! It is still morning here on the East coast. I don't know where you are but, holy cow, 4:36AM! Now that is a dedicated ROC'er! Maybe you too have spent the night reading all of the great information on this site. Welcome aboard!
Welcome to the world of the Ridgeline lover. You'll find all of us friendly and a friend in all of us. We'll be here for you when you need us most.
Post some pictures when you have completed her photo shoot!! :D
Enjoy the new ride!!
J.C. :)
Re: My Ridgeline purchase story ;;;; any Fee's?

Good move,
Did they try and stick you with Administration fees and title fees?
I think with the price of gas and all the rebates other trucks makes it is hard for them to hold at MSRP.
My wifes Accord got 240,000 miles on it before we decided to give it away. That is what sold me the most. That and the optional cooler, I mean trunk.

Steel blue. 300 miles and 239,700 to go.
Hey Nox,

Good story and Welcome to the club, great choice: White RTL-Navi :cool:

On the opposite side, I've been studying this breed since January and like you, I don't like the idea of paying suggested retail. Memorial day weekend hit and I went hunting for the right deal. I didn't get invoice but I was just serveral hunderd dollars above it and I think my wife was going to kill me if I squeezed another nickel outta the dealer. She likes to save money but hates the negotiation process. Since I like working on things, I opted not to have the dealer install anything extra but thats just me, I like to know how things are put together.
Great story adn welcome to the real Ridgeline Owners Club! :D
Zero, how about a New Member / New Owner page that would provide new members a Welcome to the ROC message from you and Tmac. You could also include quotes from existing members that you would change from time to time and give very general directions and tips for navigating the site. Similar in many ways to the FAQ section and similar to the Shopping and testing thread but more focused on introducing themselves to the rest of the ROC members. In my opinion, in the welcome message, new members should be encouraged to complete their profile and show their location and perhaps a picture of whatever they like - their Ridgeline or otherwise, their choice. By doing so, I suspect that members that are geographically close to each other may find that they have additional common threads. Also, how about adding a line for "How did you find out about us?" I just stumbled onto the Referral info as shown on the FAQ page.
Just food for thought... could just be gas though...
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I'll ask T Mac and see what he thinks. It sounds like a good idea to me.

In fact: he is online right now and probably reading this post. . .
Ultra-HOG said:
Good Afternoon! It is still morning here on the East coast. I don't know where you are but, holy cow, 4:36AM! Now that is a dedicated ROC'er! Maybe you too have spent the night reading all of the great information on this site. Welcome aboard!
I'm here on the Pacific Coast, and I reckon it was after midnight when I posted that. I rode my bike down to Orange County this afternoon on a cruise, and pulled in after midnight. Wasn't really sleepy so I decided to post here.

Thanks for all the "Welcomes." Oh and yes, I was just kidding about the trunk.
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