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Ha! Gotcha! Those that are old enough recognize that "3 deuces, a 4-speed and a 389" can only mean one thing.
Key word here is "with".

Sorry, this is not the "Under the Hood / Performance / Tires & Wheels" or the "Mod's, Installs and How-To's" thread. I wish that it was!

I recently went with my wife to visit a coworker that is taking some medical time off. Her husband restores antique cars as a hobby "just for fun". He and his brother have restored 12 GTOs and many other classic vehicles. He does everything himself and is completely self taught since he was a teenager. What a guy! The picture is a 1964 that looks and drives like it just came out of the showroom. He backed it out of the barn and told me to get in - the drivers seat! Oh my God! What an honor and what a thrill! Out of respect and the fear of loosing it, I drove it like a little old man. I am still smiling. That car is a handful! There is more instant torque than I ever remember from my youth, having occasionally driven real muscle cars. We switched seats for the ride back and he showed me what it could really do with an experienced driver. Wow! He said quite seriously that part of the reason that these cars are so rare is that many people could not handle them and wrecked them. The 64 has been restored from 7 different vehicles. The pictures of the original body that was sitting behind a barn for many years is barely recognizable. He also has a very rare color 1965 GTO convertible that is simply stunning. We rode in the rumble seat of his 1934(?) Plymouth coupe. We then went to dinner in his 1962 Ford Galaxie Convertible. My first car was a 1964 Ford Galaxie Convertible, basically the same car. I felt like I was back in high school again. Somehow I remember that it was a lot easier to get in and out of and move around in the back seat of my back seat than his was (while cleaning and looking for loose change of course!). Could it be that it was about the same number of years as the number of pounds ago, or is it just my memory? ;)


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