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Yikes! If the terminals on that switch touched ground there's no telling how many fuses/circuits could go up in smoke!

I'd say step one is to figure out the On/Off positions of the switch. You could use a multimeter, circuit tester or remove the switch and bench test it to determine the On/Off positions.

The next thing I would do is at least wrap some electrical tape around the exposed terminals and test everything on the truck with the switch On and Off to figure out what circuit it's wired into.

Once you know what the switch does, then you can decide if you want to have a switch on that circuit or not. If you don't want a switch, I'd solder and heat shrink the wires together. If you do want a switch on that circuit, then mount a better switch where you want it and insulate all the wires properly.

Let us know what you find out!
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