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I own a 2017 RTLE. Does anyone know if I can hook up my Apple Ipod so that I can use google maps from my Ipod to display on the screen or do I have to use the garman maps that came with the vehicle. If I can, could you explain to me how. Thanks

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Louie Louie...

With an IPOD? The answer would be no.

With an IPHONE? You can use a feature called Carplay for the Apple Maps, but technically no Google maps.

With an Android phone? Yes

Garmin Maps? Yes anytime.

What's the difference?

Garmin Navigation:
Built into your current RTL-E system, it is installed with pre-generated maps. You can use it anytime.
  • Use it by selecting Navigation

Carplay (Apple Maps) or Android Auto (Google Maps):
  • You can only use one or the other, and it depends on which phone you have connected to the USB port (Apple or Android).
  • These maps run from your phone, instead of being pre-installed like the maps from Garmin.
  • You can only use the USB port in the dash in front of the shifter, the USB port in the console doesn't support this.
  • You need to first enable it on your phone (it needs to be a phone, not iPod as it needs the Internet to draw maps).
  • Plug it in and follow the prompts and it will change your screen options.

    ** At this point you are at a virtual fork in the road. You have two systems running on your dash screen.
    • System one is HONDA with the Garmin maps if you choose the traditional NAVIGATION button (main big Honda icon). At this time, you would NOT be using Carplay with Apple Maps/Android Auto with Google Maps.

    ** Or, if you choose the Carplay/Android Auto icon instead of Navigation (main big Honda icon, middle of second row), you will enter another "world" of icons. You are now inside Carplay/Android Auto system instead of Honda's... At this time, you would not using the Garmin maps, but instead it is being operated by your phone.

  • To use by voice, a long press on the steering wheel voice button brings forth the ability to speak your commands for Carplay/Android Auto. (For example: "Directions to nearest gas station". A short press is Honda's voice control, and it will pop up your commands that you can say on the screen when you engage it.

Good luck!
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