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Well no one has replied saying their NAV also reboot. So based on that I assume it's something with my NAV. Plus The NAV in my 07 Camry has never rebooted and I'l using the same iPhone 7 and I think it was a 6 before that.
Georgia passed a hands free law starting 07.01.2018 $50 and 1 point if they catch you and it doubles from there.

The walk away is still a problem. It comes in spells. it really does. It may work every time for a week then fail 2-5 times in one day. And sometimes when it fails you can open and close the door and it will fail again. One time I though it was interference from near by steel (another car, knife in my pocket or even the garage door). It has proved me wrong again and again. The key is in my right front pocket. So when I get out on the drivers side the key is as near to the truck as it can get. And it still fails.

I can't figure it out. Maybe a local radio station? but it fails 100+ miles away also. So that kind of blows that idea.

I've called American Honda and asked the rep to call me back and she will. If the dealer replaces parts in the NAV and Honda fines no problems with the pair, the dealer pays. So in this case the dealer really needs Honda to agree before they do it.
What I have noticed is that if I walk away from the truck too quickly that is usually when he auto lock fails. It appears that it needs a second or two to register so I always wait for the first beep and then I rarely have a problem.
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