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Need help guys on intake

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Blue 2009 2013 Honda Ridgeline 3 5 3 5L V6 Air Intake Kit Systems Filter | eBay need to knw if this works for 2009 ridgeline or anybody try it I'm trying to get a intske for 2009 I can't find one this is my only option so far any ideas ?
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My question would be why? It looks like this doesn't take the MAF sensor into consideration and bypasses the stock CAI. The intake system already flows more air than the engine can take in.

But hey, it's only $50-ish bucks, so you can always try it without risking much $$. (As long as water splashing under the hood doesn't run the risk of hydrolocking the engine.)
I wanna add a little deeper sound if u click the picture and zoom in it looks like it does looks like it takes it
Yep, you may be right about that. I can't really tell what those connection are out near the filter.

OTOH, you do lose the CAI as this will only take in air from the hot engine compartment.

Totally your call.
Yeah true hot air does suck maybe I could find a way to replace the plastic part before the maf and put a metal pipe which might help with noise I might try that first
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