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I am going to be changing out y 06 rtl front bumper etc to the 2014 special edition front bumper etc. I have two main wiring issues Im hoping you guys can help me with.

no 1 problem (Take into consideration I have no current foglight and plan making my own harness) I would like to have my foglights on when the park lights and headlights are on but off when the brights are on. Is that at all possible or would it be better to just wire them up the park lights and have them on when the park,headlights and brights are on. Im also wiring it into the oem foglight switch so it looks nice inside as well.

no 2 problem Im also going to wire in a led light bar on the front that I would like to have on when my brights are on all the time but would also like to be able to turn it on as I please. That's probable almost near impossible but I figured I would ask you pros first.

I know some about 12v wiring but not everything. If there are anu diagrams etc to explain how this can be done please let me know. Im all about doing things correctly. Thanks for any help!!
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