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Update: Finally was able to get into to Honda to have them take a look at was was going on. They just called and said side and front motor mounts are bad ($600 for them to replace). The more bad news is they are saying my front sway bar linkage is broke as well ($165). I do zero off roading, so I'm wondering why i'm having all these issues. I don't feel like I drive very rough, however I do haul stuff from time to time (just recently hauled a scoop of topsoil, and 2 trips of mulch - each with about a scoop and a half). I also have a significant curb I go over going into my driveway. Does anyone think these could contribute to the issues I'm having? Or just normal wear for an 07 ridge with 80,000 miles?
The stabilizer end links were updated (I think around 2009). The new style is more "beefy". Replace all four of them, because they will all break eventually.

Some on here have had engine mounts fail, but it is not a common problem. Did you buy the truck used? If so, perhaps the previous owner was a "spirited" driver.
1 - 1 of 12 Posts
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