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I had to replace the drivers side mirror a few months ago. It took me no longer than 15 minutes to do it. I got the replacement mirror assembly from Majestic Honda. It comes fully assembled. It was around $120 I'm thinking. No need to remove the inner door panel if you don't want to. Just gently pry of the inner triangle shape cover to expose the three nuts that hold the mirror assembly in place. I stuffed a rag into the window /door opening just in case I dropped one of the nuts down there. Remove the three nuts. Unplug the old mirror assembly. Reverse the process to install the new assembly. Take your time, be careful, piece of cake.
What MG88 said. I had to replace mine a few years ago......go ahead and cut off the dangling remnant of your mirror. Snap off the interior cover and MAKE SURE you don't drop those nuts. Use a magnetic tip driver if you have one. Piece of cake......good luck.
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