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Ok, so I am a little embarrassed to say that after a year of driving my Ridgeline, last night I hit a brick pillar with my passenger side rearview mirror. The mirror is shattered and of course the housing unit is hanging on by the wires (which don't seem damaged) and some tape currently. I've been looking around to figure out how to replace the entire unit and am uncertain if it's really necessary to take off the entire inside door panel. As everything else, going to the dealership costs more than I would like do pay and was wondering if anyone had suggestions on how I can do this myself and where would be a decent deal for a mirror with housing unit? I've looked around the forum and found some good suggestions, but am just wanting to make sure I'm understanding correctly before taking off parts of my truck if it's unnecessary. Thank you to anyone who has any advise.
1 - 2 of 11 Posts
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