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It would be helpful if you could state what's been changed and when. Just because it's been maintained at the dealer doesn't necessarily tell us anything. The MM (maintenance minder) is the designated maintenance scheduler for your RL.

As a baseline, in normal service, I find the MM calls for the oil and filter around 6000-7000 miles. This will vary by style and driving environment.
The rear diff should have the first service done by 15k miles, then every 30k thereafter.
The tranny calls for a fluid change at 45k miles, then every 30k thereafter (iirc). Personally, I prefer to change the tranny fluid every other OCI. I do the transfer assembly (hypoid gear oil) every 30k.
I like to change the power steering fluid every 50k-ish miles. Coolant at 60k intervals (and again when I do the TB/WP at 120k miles).
It's a good idea to replace the radiator when you first do the TB/WP service because of the Bellevile washer corrosion issue.
Brake fluid should be changed every 3 years.
And of course engine air and cabin filters should be changed by 30k miles or as needed (especially the cabin air filter).
I also like to adjust the valves during the TB/WP service and replace the PCV valve.
I rotate tires at each OCI and like to check the brake pads and slider pins.

My personal thought is that if your RL has been in the normal service category, and you anticipate normal usage (~12k miles or more/year), I'd probably hold off on the TB/WP service until at least 105k miles or maybe wait for 120k miles.

Use OEM fluids for everything (see if your local shop will price match online prices at places like Majestic Honda, College Hills Honda, H&A Honda, etc.). Mine will (of course including shipping). The only non-OEM fluid I use is engine oil and hypoid gear oil.

If you are DIY inclined, you can save a lot of money by investing your time in your vehicle. There are a ton of guides and help available here.

Good luck!
1 - 1 of 10 Posts
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