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Interesting Thread. I have an O6 that has had all the service at the dealer and only 48K miles on it. I am trading it on a 17 as soon as it comes in (supposedly next week).
Called my local dealer service dept. today and asked about the TB/WP mainly to see if the dealer I am buying from can legitimately ding me for the TB/WP on my 06.
I am not buying from the local dealer due to price and availability. The local service told me I am overdue on TB/WP as of 7 years. That seemed a bit aggressive to me and this thread
seems to confirm that.

If I am reading the thread right, you feel that mine would not need the timing belt service in order to protect the engine until quite a few more miles even if it is 10 years old?
It has had only light/moderate usage with no high or low temp driving and regular service otherwise and runs great.

I do suspect that they will try to ding me for that service anyway on the trade and given the difficulty of getting a 17 at this point, I may have to go along with that anyway.
I understand it runs from 800-1000 depending on what is required (tensioner or not and such).

1 - 1 of 10 Posts
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