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Thanks! He followed the MM up until recently since he thought he would be trading it in (lucky for me I was able to sell my old Toyota and buy this).

This helps, though. I'm for sure going to do fluids - It needs that. I talked to an independent shop owned by a guy who used to work for two dealers, and he said I could maybe go another year and 15k miles on the belt before he would be worried. He also said to see what the drive belt looks like, as it might be an indicator for what the TB could look like.

Still thinking it might be worth the peace of mind to have a new TB/WP...
You could do the TB (& related services) any time, but I'd wait a couple of years w/o worry.

Otherwise, you got yourself a heck of a good situation with those low miles on that '07. I'm curious, was it garaged??

Where are your pics?

Welcome aboard.... here's an interesting read, in case your Dad has not already clued you in to all of these:

(there's another similar thread to this as well, if you want to search for it)
1 - 1 of 10 Posts
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