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Just traded in the 2003 BMW Z4 for a more capable 2008 Ridgeline RTL
Looks like it's in great shape and had its routine maintence. At 110,500 miles from what I've read I will have to replace the timing belt and water pump soon but should be in pretty good shape after that? Any advice or input on maintence?
Looking to be able to keep this one for a long time.


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Congrats on the new RL,

Good Post & Pictures no less

Looks Good, FWIW. I'm unsure if you know about the Radiator issues, but this is an easy 3hr job if you stay focused, otherwise get it done with the timing belt, so you only pay for new coolant once.

Here are all the related Radiator and Transmission threads if you haven't found them all.

Happy Reading & Good luck

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