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New 2012 VP Owner East Coast 506

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Hello all,

Name is Mark. I am new to the Ridgeline but not new to Honda's.

Looking forward to meeting other Ridgeline owners and finding out the ins and outs of this vehicle. Every vehicle that I have owned. I have joined a vehicle specific forum. So I figured, why would this one be any different.

I have only owned the truck for 4 days and I have already torn the stock air box out and installed a "Hot Air" Intake.... :wink: I realize that the stock intake works rather well as a "Cold Air" Intake. However, being a lover of how a nicely tuned naturally aspirated Honda engine induction sounds. I knew that the stock air box & resonator had to go.

Exhaust is on order.
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Fuel Rails and Injectors Mounted

Got the secondary J35Z5 fuel rails and 240cc GSX-R injectors mounted today.

Rails and injectors mocked up so I could get the measurements for the aluminum mounting brackets.

Aluminum brackets fabricated and rails mounted to the GSX-R throttles.

The stock rails have the injectors pointing out from the center where as these are pointing in. This actually worked out in my favor as it took less fabrication to mount them this way on the throttles.

Complete intake manifold with lower intake runners mounted.

I will be using the stock injectors and fuel rails as well as these secondary injectors.
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Are there any other members on this forum who are here to do more than gripe and bitch about Honda and their vehicle?
There are Ghost, but they just don't have much to say, was a different place say 2 years ago...
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Winter trim...... can't wait to install my summer goodies!

PIAA 4000K headlights and Yellow fogs, combined they are a huge improvement over stock.

Only 3 more months of Winter up here!
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