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Obsidian Blue Pearl 2021 RTL-E
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Hello, ROC...

Been lurking for a little bit, but now I have my new RL, so it's time to get in the game. Picked up our new Obsidian Blue Pearl RTL-E a couple of days ago:


So far, so good. Put a deposit on it a few weeks ago, and it arrived at the dealer this past Monday.

The overall purchase process was not too bad. They were selling them for MSRP, but they were up front about that, and that's not too unusual from what I've read. Now is obviously not the best time to buy a car.

The finance person didn't push the add-ons too hard, as I made it clear we weren't interested. The most nefarious thing they did was try to charge me $299 for installation of the "Pulse" CHMSL flasher. Told them I didn't want that, and they said, "We install it on all our vehicles." When I pushed back again, interestingly, instead of just taking it off the invoice, they reduced the MSRP by $299, and kept the Pulse on there. I'm wondering if they have some deal with Pulse where they have to prove they installed it on either all or a high percentage of cars they sell. And, yes, I do know that they're violating the law by installing this accessory. I may try to locate the device and remove it at some point, but it's not a high priority for me.

I have a long history with Honda vehicles. I have a Honda motorcycle, and currently own 4 other Hondas:
  • A 2005 CR-V--originally mine, handed down to my son
  • A 2006 Civic--my second son's car
  • A 2012 Civic--my youngest son's car
  • A 2017 CR-V--my wife's car
I have been on the CR-V Owner's Club forum, and have used one of the Civic forums for info as well. These are great communities for information sharing.

Additionally, I have also had a 2008 Odyssey and a 2009 Civic. Oh, and I have a Honda tiller, too. My daily driver for the past 7 years has been a 2012 Camaro, which I still have, and will remain my summer/fun car.

In the short amount of time I have had the RL, I have noticed differences in the Honda Sensing compared to my wife's '17 CR-V. In addition to the absence of the 'Low-speed Follow' mode for the ACC, the RL is very noticeably 'jerky' when using ACC. In the CR-V, it locks onto the vehicle in front, and just keeps a consistent distance with smooth minor adjustments to the speed.

In the RL, the car in front of me can be traveling at a consistent speed, but the truck seems to randomly accelerate, then brake, then hold, then accelerate, then brake, etc. Almost seems like the radar emitter/sensor behind the H logo in the grill is mis-aimed.

Haven't tried the Auto-High Beams yet. They work pretty well in the CR-V, but I've heard they don't in these trucks. Also, the LKAS seems to want to bounce side-to-side a bit more than the CR-V does. Seems really odd that 4 years later, these systems would take a step back in functionality.

As far as defects go, on delivery, the lower plastic trim on the passenger-side front door was not snapped into place correctly. That was handled by the dealer before we brought it home. After getting it home, I found one of the 'pins' that latches the passenger side of the plastic radiator cover is missing. I'll address that with the dealer next week. I'll be keeping an eye out for water leaks. Otherwise, like I said, so far, so good.

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Welcome to the ROC, @911medic. The OBP is one of the prettiest colors. Sounds like Honda "dumbed down" the safety features on the Ridgeline. I have a 2018 Outback and the "eyesight" works well on it.
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Noticed today while cleaning under the hood after a wash that my 2021 no longer has the Earth Dreams sticker on the engine. Perhaps this is part of the more truck like image.
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