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Here at CARiD, we are always in the constant search for ways to improve the shopping experience for our customers and give them even more to satisfy their needs. That's why we've come up with seven all-new recently opened iD stores that are already available for visitors!

The network combines seven convenient and innovative e-commerce websites dedicated to enthusiasts of other hobbies outside of cars and pickup trucks to provide the CARiD level of shopping and customer support experience in the new niches.

“We are excited to introduce our newest online stores and to create a true destination for enthusiasts of road, water, and outdoor hobbies,” said Steven Royzenshteyn, president of “Since launching, we’ve proven how much people love to shop for their cars and to do so from a retailer that is as crazy about autos as they are. That’s the experience we are providing to an even broader base of customers through this new collection of retailers. We’re not just another online store – we are as passionate as our clients about cars, boats, and power sports and we want to empower our customers to get the most out of what they love whether it be needs or wants.”

Whether you're a fan of outdoor activities, RV, motorcycles, boating or powersports we will help you to find the best products and provide a pleasant and convenient shopping experience to fuel your passion!​
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