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New from Québec, Canada

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Iam a french canadian and a New owner of 17 ridgeline ex-l. I use to had somme européen vw and volvo. I trade my 2012 xc60 r-design for my first honda. The only thing i hate is the front light. They are not enought strong. I have also a vintage 1965 volvo pv544 b18. I love the muscle car but that one is special and also rare. I have one jetta hybrid and is perfect for the city and small road trip.

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Congrats on your New G2 RL

Welcome to the ROC...

Good Luck and Enjoy the Ride!

PS, the picture flipping is related to, (specifically to iPhone/iOS) the orientation of the Volume Up + Down - keys when the picture is taken, from what I have read, other mobile/smartphones can create similar issues, but I don't know what causes it. Some members/users have better luck when uploading as a .png file type (those above are .jpg file type). Uploading to a photo sharing service such as Photobucket, does seem to resolve this for me, others use Imgur.

Also, love the few pics of the Volvo, and whenever you have time, almost everyone here is a "Gearhead" (Automotive Enthusist), and many would appreciate/enjoy a thread in the Other Cars, Trucks and Bikes section of the forum with any backstory, about restoration, or ownership of such a unique, and rare vehicle.
I try good so 2 good side up

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Congrats on your purchase & Welcome to the ROC!
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