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Hi, all -- new member in Lafayette, LA. Purchased a 2wd G2 Sport three days ago and couldn't be happier. Of course, its black in the Henry Ford tradition, lol.

This is my first Honda since my '83 Accord that I sold a few years later, and have pretty much been running VW's since. My last car was a 2013 GLI Autobahn. It was a sweet, fast ride, but after four years of pure stop & go traffic on a manual 6-sp, I was ready for a change and something more practical. G2 ride is great; good, smooth drive train and acceleration. Plenty of capacity for what I need -- plywood & lumber, mulch & cement bags, charcoal, etc. Maybe a small pop-up camper, but certainly no heavy trailers. And as we found the first day, with its trunk, the bed, and the rear seat area, it may be the ultimate Sam's Club vehicle!

I bought no warranties, so I have my faith/hope this one will be a good one, based on co-workers/friends experiences knowing no car is ever 100% perfect...

I'm looking forward to following the forums...
1 - 1 of 3 Posts
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