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New Key Remote

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My key remote is broken so I got a new "blank one" off of ebay. I've already programmed the remote and now I was trying to take it apart and move the old key into the new remote.

The problem is they use blue locktite on that tiny, tiny screw. It took me an hour to remove it off the old remote. However, the new one, it is not budging. I've tried to using a soldering iron but still NO CHANGE. (
) That screw is not moving and now it is nearly completely stripped.

Any ideas?
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If the fob is sourced from Japan, the screw could be JIS head. It looks like a Philips head, but is designed better and would require a JIS screwdriver to get maximum bite.

But I don't know ifor the screw head is JIS or Philips ...just throwing that out there.

There is also stuff out there called Screw-Grip, or something like that, that forms a better grip between the screwdriver and the screw.
Is this a Smart key? If not try using a lighter to heat up shank of key. Try to find the best fit screwdriver. If it is stripped then you'll have to get a small enough standard screwdriver to hammer onto the screw to create a new slot. Low heat is your friend. High heat will just melt stuff.

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