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Hi Guys,
Figured it is about time i posted - MY FIRST POST :)
I have been lurking the threads and many nights of research on which type of pickup / utility vehicle i wanted for the last couple years and decided on the Ridgeline a while back. After shopping around i found nice 2006 which had much MUCH less rust than the others i had looked at and i knew i could keep it alive for years to come. It is an American Model that was brought back up a previous owner.

Im in southern Ontario and hope to be a contributing member.
Say hey!

Silver on Dark Grey all options Including Navigation.
Recent Items completed to revitalize life into this 5 owner - 180 Mile / 288 Km original motor:
New Rad
Timing Belt
Outer Tie Rod
Front Control Arms
Front Sway Bar Links
Front Axles
Brakes and Rotors
LED mini 5 diode fogs added to front lower gap
LED Headlight Retrofit
Short Ram Intake, Traxda 2" Lift/Level, Hard bed cover, Door Visors.

Note - Pictures taken BEFORE lift spacers:)
Took this pic after using the "Mothers Headlight Restoration Kit"
Works wonders highly recommend it worth the $25ishh CAD.
View attachment 395924
The Pack: '04 Miata . '01 M3 . '06 Ridgeline . '10 Civic .
View attachment 395925

Dont post too often but ill be on IG: RandomRev for this build.
If you are seeing this, you have read my post. Thank you.


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You've got that 2006 looking great, @RandomRev . Glad you were able to find one with a limited amount of rust. Great job on being proactive with the maintenance and repairs. You will enjoy the RL.
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