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new member central ny

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Hi, my name is Bob from central ny -just bought a low miles 2014 Ridgeline Sport -great little truck! Had a chevy silverado for 15 years before this and the Ridge quality is much better.Will be doing some mods,rustproofing (for central ny salt) etc and will post some info on what I do.Have been a mechanic for 50+ years now and generally do all my own work and some for others.So far Ridge seems very mechanic friendly -easy accessibility etc.
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Welcome to the ROC and congrats on your RL (nice color)!
Welcome to the forum.

You will not be sorry for getting a Ridgeline. Enjoy it.
Congrats on your purchase & Welcome to the ROC!
Welcome to the ROC. Let us know how the rust proofing goes. Our vehicles take a salt beating here in Pa also.
Welcome to the ROC. I went from being a long time general fan to a honda man.
Welcome to the ROC Bob and congrats.
welcome to the ROC from south-central AK

be sure to add 'central NY' in your profile so we know "where you're coming from" as you go post to post.
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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