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new member from MN

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Hey guys,

Dunno if I'm allowed here since I don't own a Ridgeline, I'm just sort of here out of curiosity. I'm really not a fan of the G2 Ridgeline but I like the first generation quite a bit. I've got a new Tacoma so I'll probably chime in here and there if someone wants any verification when they're making comparisons between the Ridgeline and Tacoma and I have a close friend I work with who owns a G2 Canyon so I can probably clarify any questions about that as well.
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Sure thing. So what was it about the Taco that you liked ? There's a lot of dischord on here for them due to any number of reasons. But it's hard to argue the fan base of them when it's in the millions ! I never test drove one so I didn't compare it to any of my test drives of the RL's.

Steve M
Honestly I think it's a different consumer base entirely even though they try to market to the same people. While the ridgeline might be more comfortable and economic on the road, the tacoma is faaaar more capable off-road. I liked the appeal of that, plus I wanted a 6 foot box. I prefer the body on frame construction to unibody too, as well as the overall appearance of the tacoma. It really comes down to what you're going to use the truck for and I think the tacoma just suits my needs better. Honestly for most people driving a tacoma, the ridgeline would probably be a better fit.
Congrats on your New Ride!

Enjoy the Ride!
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