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New member from North Carolina

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Just wanted to take a moment and say hello to everyone here and introduce myself.
A little about me: I am an Industrial Electrician living in western North Carolina. I have lived in this area for about 6 years now, but was born and raised in Elizabeth City North Carolina on the coast. I am pretty much a jack of all trades and master of none since I work on just about anything that is presented to me, but I find that cars, computers and electronics are my passions in life.
Now for what brought me here: I purchased an 08 Ridgeline RTL about 3 weeks ago to replace my Subaru Baja turbo. I needed something bigger and needed more hauling capacity for various projects. I have always liked the unibody style vehicles (thus my love for the Baja), but was caught between the Avalanche and Ridgeline. Obviously the RL won that fight and I love it so far.

I usually find mods and things to do to my vehicles to make them my own. As I do I will post how-to guides for anyone interested. I have been a forum member for every vehicle I have ever owned and have had great experiences on all of them, so to that end I look forward to meeting all of you and learning a lot more about these great trucks! :D
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Congrats on your purchase & Welcome to the ROC!
Congrats on your RL and welcome to the ROC!
Congrats welcome to the ROC "Griever."
Griever, you sound like the quintessential DIYer. If so, you will love the ease of servicing doing the routine maintenance items on the RL.

Lots of threads here on the various maintenance tasks to be done. And lots of money to be saved in the process. ;)

Welcome and have fun.
Thanks everyone for the warm welcome! I do look forward to turning a wrench on the Ridgeline, in fact I'll be doing a few things within the next couple of weeks. Nothing major, just belt, idler and tensioner replacement. Will probably go ahead and change the plugs as well. Truck has 95000 on it, I know the plugs are rated for more miles than whats on it but I like to start my maintenance soon after getting a used vehicle. That way I get a better idea of how well the previous owners took care of a vehicle. Usually while I work on one thing I will check into something else while I am there, etc....
I suggest you stay with OEM fluids for everything except engine oil and transfer assembly hypoid gear oil. I've found my local dealer responsive to matching online prices, so OEM fluid costs are not prohibitive.

Also, you can buy the OEM sparkplugs on Amazon for about $10 each... which is far cheaper than at the dealer.

Here are some links you may find helpful:

Do not use 3rd party fluids for the transmission (DW-1) and rear diff (VTM-4 fluid). While you can likely use 3rd party fluids for the brakes and power steering, the cost savings are inconsequential so I stick with OEM for those. I also think it wise to stick with Honda pre-mixed coolant too.

You may want to get up-to-date on some of the flaws that some people have experienced:
1) check plug torque (13 lb-ft) for the infamous cylinder 4/5 issue (but since you're replacing plugs, you should be good. While the NGK plugs have a special coating on them negating the use of anti-seize, I've come to the conclusion that since the FSM specifies the use of AS, I put a small amount on the plug thread and use the factory torque settings to tighten. I have to assume the FSM takes AS into account with the torque specs.

2) check out your radiator/tranny fittings right away. While you're doing the TB/WP/hydraulic tensioner, you might want to replace your radiator at the same time.

3) I strongly recommend a valve adjustment when you do the TB service too. The exhaust valves tend to wear into the seat making them tight... which I think is worse than too loose.|-rid...miles-less-not-105k-honda-recommends-2726472/
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welcome to the ROC from AK. I lived in eastern TN for a time late 80's early 90's and would occasionally get over to western NC. beautiful country.
Work week is finally over so I get a little time to catch up on things!!!

Thanks a lot Speedlever, that is a lot of awesome information and I really appreciate the time you put in to get the links together for me. I actually wasn't aware of the radiator issue related to these trucks so now I know and can take care of it before it potentially becomes a problem.

Reinhold: Thanks for the welcome.. I'm actually about 30 minutes or so from the Tennessee line, the irony of it all is I've been to TN twice since moving out here. Really need to get over there more and explore. The mountains are definitely beautiful, especially this time of year but I definitely could live without the below zero winter temps and tons of snow. But if anything I will get to test out the capability of the RL in inclement weather! :D
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