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New member looking at a 2008 RTL 120,000

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Hi everyone,

I am actively looking to replace my 1996 Toyota Tacoma with a Honda Ridgeline. After searching and missing opportunities that I think were good deals, (my budget is $15,000, my wish list is a low mileage ridgeline RTL or RTS) I've located a 2008 RTL with 120,000, one owner, all recommended maintenance performed from a Honda dealership including the timing belt package at 100,000.

Is this a good deal or should I wait until they rollout the New Ridgeline hoping that the used inventory increases with lower prices?

Price is firm at $15,000

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Having all the major work done is a huge plus. If the body and interior are in good shape in the Charlotte area that's a "Yuo better buy it now cause it will be gone in an hour" price. Other areas of the country seem to be so it depends on your market area,

I've never been one that likes to buy new vehicles as I hate the depreciation. I have leased them from time to time when I knew I wouldn't be keeping them long. (minivan - till kids got older)
but if you like them and can afford one it would be a solid option.
I'm not an expert, but it seems a little high. I just bought this past Saturday a 2006 RTS with 120k miles and all maintenance done, just needed tires. I negotiated a price of $12k, they started out at $13k. RTL will be worth more. Maybe $14k?
Welcome to the ROC & Good luck with your search.

Be aware that all model year RLs are under the Takata airbag recall and there is a backlog for parts that will likely push into Summer 2016. There are several threads on the ROC covering the recall.
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