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I am a new member of the forum and a new owner of a used 08 Ridgeline. The truck has 138K miles and I'm the second owner. When I bought the truck the brake pedal was a little soft. Previous owner said he changed pads and rotors so I assumed it needed to be bled. Bad assumption!!

Took the truck to my indy mechanic where he noticed I needed a ball joint. Also did a tranny flush and rear diff flush. I bought a master cylinder (was bench bled first) hoping to solve the spongy pedal. After install the brakes didn't bleed well the pedal still spongy. Drove the truck (using the tranny to help slow down) to the dealership where they wanted close to a grand to change the front calipers, pads and rotors. Said bye to the dealer!! Bought my own calipers and towed the truck to Midas where we noticed the calipers with 138K had seized slides, and the inner pads were worn more than the outers.

After installing the front calipers at Midas I convinced them to let me use their ABS tablet via the OBD2 port, and tried bleeding through the abs, where I noticed only the passenger front ABS actuator was bleeding thoroughly giving me a firm pedal response. The other 3 actuators gave little pedal response. We then tried bleeding again but got very little fluid into the other 3 brake lines that were not actuating. The front passenger actuated when using the tablet and had fluid. The pedal is now firm but since no fluid at the other calipers they suggested leaving the truck until I decide what to do next.

The truck is still sitting because it's a safety risk to drive it. It has been bled numerous times but I still think there is air in the system because the most recent bleeds have not been according to Honda tech manual starting with drivers side front moving to the rear clockwise. I've had the truck at the dealership, my indy mechanic, and now Midas brake shop where it sits. Midas is suggesting throwing more parts at it (brake booster, ABS system, new brake lines, etc). I'm not interested in throwing parts at this problem.
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