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New Owner of 2006 RTL

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Hey Everyone,

I am the new owner of a 2006 RTL. This thing appears to be fully loaded with every option.

My previous vehicle was a 2014 Grand Cherokee Overland Diesel - which I like a lot, but it was continuously breaking down (on a monthly basis), and at the end of the day, it was really expensive and I didn't really need all the sweet features (digital gauage cluster, glass roof, vented seats, radar cruise, etc...) . The RTL comes pretty close in general comfort and amenities, except for a few updates that I can make.

The RTL also appears to be the cleanest 11 year old vehicle I've ever seen. It has 98000 miles on it, and if I had to guess, it has never been driven during the winter. (I live in Maine, and winter is nasty to cars up here). Everyone tells me it looks brand new (and I think it's aging better than the Grand Cherokee for sure).

I'm really excited to be able to throw junk in the bed, and for it to be wayyy more dog friendly than the Grand Cherokee (particularly flipping the rear seats up and they can just lay on the floor).

Attached pictures.

Here are the things I'm doing to it first.
  • Android Auto head unit (and backup camera) (will be better than the chrysler uconnect in the jeep anyways)
  • Amp to retain factory subwoofer
  • replacing all lights in the dash (many are out)
  • Fixing an issue where the rear passenger's seat doesn't "click" in when up
  • small paint touchup all around the vehicle


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Congrats on your, "New to you G1"

Great Post with Pictures No Less ;)

Welcome to the ROC.

Good Luck and Enjoy the Ride!

If you haven't found already, there are multiple threads in the First Generation Ridgeline (1G 2006-2014). that should help with your pending projects.

Also you might want to update your profile, Since you have such a nice example of a "Steel Blue" Ridgeline
Congrats! The truck looks to be in great shape. And it even has the somewhat rare optional fog lights -- nice!

Two considerations about maintenance that you might want to investigate:

1) Has the timing belt been changed yet? If not, it would be smart to prioritize that (I would do it ahead of the upgrades, to protect your investment.) It's due at around 100K, or seven years (I think.)

2) The radiator/transmission cooler interface is a known trouble spot on these. If it fails, the consequences can be very expensive. It can be very smart to replace the radiator preventatively when the timing belt is done.

I think you are going to love owning this vehicle -- I wish I had owned one when I was your age! It is very versatile, and I couldn't agree more about not needing all the "tech". Sometimes simple and straightforward is more than good enough. Have fun!
Thanks for the replies!

I already have an appointment booked for the timing belt / water pump - they're going to do spark plugs, transmission flush, transfer case fluid, diff fluid, and coolant flush while they're at it (quoted at $900).

I have not heard of the radiator issue yet - do you have a link? Maybe I will throw that into the job.
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Also under "NO" Circumstance let them do a "Power Flush" on your transmission, ABSOLUTELY not recommended on Honda Transmissions.

I just posted a DIY price breakdown for Transmission Fluid, VTM Fluid (Rear Diff), and Transfer Case Fluid.

IMHO, I'd do my own Radiator and a Gallon and a 1/2 of Honda Type 2 Coolant, and a full change of ATF (not the typical Honda DnF which only removes 3.5 qts of 8.5qts) which requires 10-14 QTS of Honda DW-1, VTM-4 and Transfer Case, then let them do the Timing Belt and other stuff, Although at $900 that is a pretty good value. Get the price in writing before they tack an additional $300 to $500 in parts on or some crazy stuff like that.

I've added a few reference images.


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Congrats on your purchase & Welcome back to the ROC!
Just had my maintenance, and the forum talked my into doing the radiator too. I feel like I'm very well setup for the next 100,000 miles now. I don't believe there are any other major service items for a long time that I wouldn't feel comfortable doing myself. I probably could have saved a few hundred DIYing a few things, but the peace of mind, and not spending hours doing it was worth it. I actually love working on my two CJ5 & CJ7 jeep projects, but I get really stressed working on my daily driver and do not enjoy it.

  • Timing belt / accessory belt /
  • Water pump
  • Radiator
  • New coolant
  • Transmission / transfer service (not a flush)
  • Rear diff service

Grand Total: $2,142

This dealer seems to be on the higher side price wise (Labor rate is $109 / hour), but they are also known for Amazing customer service and hiring really good techs. If I have future issues with these components, I won't get a hard time. My buddy is a master Toyota tech at an affiliate dealer and recommended them due to their hiring and policies (Prime Honda of Saco), over the one that's closer to me, that shall remain unnamed.

... And to top off the list, the recalled airbag!

I know it's only been a week, but I already have a personal attachment to this thing - way more so than I ever did for my Grand Cherokee.
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Nice snag, especially with the floods. The maintenance you'll be doing is great insurance. And at 98K miles, she hasn't even hit her second wind. I hope you can handle her.
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