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New owner, used '09 RTL

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Hi all,

Just traded in my '03 Mercedes C320 for my '09 RTL this past Saturday 11/14. Needed 4WD for these Ohio winters, my RWD just wasn't cutting it. Also a new homeowner with almost 1 acre tree filled yard, so I've been in need of hauling light stuff.

After much looking, the Ridgeline seemed to check a lot of boxes. Got it at 75K miles, not too bad for this model year I think.

I'll be searching around the forum for the most likely repairs for this model year, and also some recommendations on tonneau covers; hopefully will post some pics soon.

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Welcome to the ROC, enjoy your it great in the snow!
Welcome to the forum Rhoel!

Your RL should save you on maintenance costs alone, the Merc C-series always seems to be plagued with issues

Congrats on the new RL

Nick C.
Congrats on your purchase & Welcome to the ROC!
Welcome! :act030:
Congrats on your RL and welcome to the ROC!
Thanks all! Nick, yes - I am looking forward to lower repair bills (knock on wood). So far I've already ordered replacement pulleys for the rear seat legs not retracting, and needed some trim clips for a rear seat panel that fell off. Also my key FOB only works about 2 ft from the driver door, so I ordered a replacement transponder blank key online and plan to switch out just the lock/unlock button guts, hopefully the range will be greater.

After a week and a half, seems like I'm getting 19 mpg....

45stang, I will be posting pics soon - maybe after this long Thanksgiving weekend.

Happy Turkey day everyone!
1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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