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"New Posts" function

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I am a night owl and I live in the west. I usually get on and try to stay on top of the day's posts late in the evening or at night. Many times I've been going through all the new topics of the day and I click back to "New Posts" and my list is gone or down to one or two topics.

I'm guessing that the site is run in the east and the topics are dropped at midnight. Is this correct? It's quite jarring to have a few more topics that look interesting and then click again and they're gone. I can use my back arrow but that is not as efficient as hitting "New Posts." Perhaps I have gone two or more pages into the post and then I have to back arrow multiple times to find my list. It also doesn't change my read topics from bold to plain text.

This is a minor irritant and is certainly something I can live with. I just wanted to bring it to someone's attention. Does anyone else run into this complication?

I must add that the ease of using this site far outshines my petty complaint. This is a clean and well organized site. You've done a great job here, whoever it is that is responsible!
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That usually only happens to me if I have to leave the computer for a while and come back to finish the new threads and find that they are no longer "new." I figure if they're important, they'll be "new" again before too long.
It's all about the "session". A session consists of when you log in and are "active" on the forum. If you get up to go grab a refreshing beverage and get stopped on your way back to the PC, your session can "time out". So, when you get back on the PC, a new session begins. You click "New Posts" and there are zero. Well, that's because there are zero posts since your last session.

That's how I understand it and that's about the only way I've seen on my PC what you are experiencing from time to time. My kids have a way of pulling me away from this @!#[email protected]$$ computer. :)

I hope that helps. Thanks for being a part of ROC!
Thanks for your responses. My brain kicked in after I whined about this and I remembered I use a Mac. Everyday I'll just hit the new posts page as my snap back until I'm done reading everything that interests me. Then that is a one click just like hitting "New Posts" no matter how far I stray.

This happens right while I'm clicking back and forth in this forum during a single session. I'm guessing it goes by the date and when it hits midnight it clears.

As I said, it's so minor that complaining about it is silly. Everything else about the way this site is laid out is easy to use.
I know what you mean. I had a hard time finding this thread again. I read it yesterday or so but didn't have time to respond. coming back it's no where to be found in the new topics or new messages so I have to use search and of course that take time as i never remember the exact key words to use.

I'd really suggest a section that lists the last 50 threads in reverse chronological order that have been updated with new posts. If that was made it would pretty much be the first page I check, certainly save me lots of time.
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