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As of two days ago, I'm officially a Ridgeline owner. It was a tough decision trading in my Mercedes GLK350 but I really needed a truck. So far I'm really enjoying my RL and don't miss my MB nearly as much as I thought I would.

Sorry to bring up a topic that's been covered numerous times in the past but most posts are from years ago and I'm wondering if there has been any new products or solutions that have come about in regards to an all-in-one key/remote start fob?

I personally hate bulky keys and the idea of adding a remote start fob makes me cringe.

Ideally I'd like a key fob that contains the normal lock/unlock functions as well as a remote start button. I don't even car if it's a factory key or not.

Does anyone know if something like this exists?

Thanks in advance


2013 White Ridgeline Sport

  • Pioneer AVH-2700BS

  • Factory backup cam

  • Heated leather seats
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