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Hey Everyone, I've been creeping on here for sometime now, and finally pulled the trigger to buy a 2007 RTX. Exhaust rattle aside I love this truck already. Came from a 2014 Mazda CX-9 decked out, a 2010 4Runner Decked Out, and a 2005 Frontier before this. Thought I was the "decked-out" kind of guy but I feel much more "at-home" in a simple truck...

Having said that mods are on the way. Simple and slow to start off. The wife wasn't too thrilled with me trading in a 2014 CX-9 with 14k on the odometer for a 2007 with 53k, so slow and steady.

Already swapped all interior lights with LEDs from Also knocked out reverse lights, bed lights, and tag lights.

This weekend will be time to install the new Head Unit, backup camera, and hideaway sub., and if time some ambient lighting.

Pics to come.

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Welcome to the ROC and congrats on your RL! Please do share photos as you mod your truck.

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Congratulations on your purchase
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