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New Ridgeline Owner

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This Saturday I take delivery of my new(?) 2014 Honda Ridgeline Sport in Black, I can't wait. I have looked long and hard at all the options out there, from full size to the mid size offerings and I feel I made a wise decision.

My criteria for a new truck were: Had to be about the size of my old Ford Ranger. I have to drop off both my kids to school and the parking lots are a disaster. I see lots of Subs, F250's and Silverado's trying to negotiate the tight parking lots and the drivers do not look like they are happy. Had to be able to get me off-road to at least to the backside of Calico, where I like to go shooting and ride my dirt bike. Had to be able to haul my dirt bike, camping gear and firearms. Had to be comfortable both on the road and off. Had to be reliable if not bullet proof.

When I went thru this list there were really only three trucks that fit the bill. The Ridgeline, the Tacoma and the Frontier. The Frontier is a nice truck but I was a little bored with the looks of it, plus the one I rented rode like a truck a bit rough even on smooth roads. The Tacoma is a nice truck, but in my opinion the interior is a bit cramped and when you fold down the rear seat to free up some extra space, it doesn't free up very much space. There is no doubt the Tacoma is a solid piece both on and off the road, but it's overall design is getting a little dated, even with the 2016 face lift. As for the new Chevy and GMC well they are pretty big even for being midsize trucks. Also they are new designs which "to me" means that all the bugs have not been worked out of them "no matter how well they test them".

No I am pretty sure I picked the best truck that meets or exceeds all my needs.
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Welcome aboard. Describing how you intend to use it, you are going to be sooo happy with your new ride. You'll appreciate the in-bed trunk to stow your weapons/gear as well when you go shooting. The ride comfort in the Ridge off road is just the best. Be sure to learn specifics about guidelines & limits on locking the VTM-4. It's for specific purposes.... not a casual option like some 4WD systems. You'll have 4WD all the time.... the lock is specifically for 'spinning' conditions... e.g. slick or loose surfaces.
Consider adding a locking hard tonneau cover, and get an electric tailgate lock (locks along with other doors from key fob) to coordinate for that much more lockable storage.
Be sure to read your owner's manual.... there are quite a few peculiar features with your Ridgeline that you'll want to know about.

and lastly, check this out:'t+know+about+your+ridgeline
Congratulations and welcome to the ROC!

I see lots of Subs, F250's and Silverado's trying to negotiate the tight parking lots and the drivers do not look like they are happy.
Welcome to the ROC.

FYI: Just to let you know the RL turns like a bus.So don't expect it to turn in the parking lot anything close to your ranger.
Congrats and welcome to the ROC!
Sounds like you know what your needs are man. You'll find the ROC forum members are very helpful and there is a ton of knowledge here. Post up some photos when you have time so we can all be jealous a little bit.
Welcome aboard! Enjoy your new Ridge!:act035:
So, sounds like today is the big day! Congrats on your purchase!

FYI: Just to let you know the RL turns like a bus.So don't expect it to turn in the parking lot anything close to your ranger.
Breye makes a good point... turning radius wasn't something I researched prior to purchasing. Coming from a full size truck, it wasn't too bad... but much larger than you might expect.
Congrats on your new truck, you are going to love it!

Our list of needs/wants were very similar... After serious consideration of the Colorado/Canyon and waiting for the Gen 2 Ridgeline I pulled the trigger on a 2014 RTL in late December, could not be happier with my decision to get a Ridgeline now as it has already proven itself as the perfect truck for me.

The ride is great, the trunk is invaluable and the practicality of this vehicle is off the charts.

Just loaded mine up for a family of 5 to go on a ski vacation to a location where 4WD is necessary (bought a few "necessary" accessories for this trip, waterproof luggage bag that fits perfectly in the bed 59x24x24, some ratchet straps and bungies (last vehicle was a CRV so I didn't have any of this stuff), and the OEM cargo net to hold it all down, do wish they had put a set of tie downs in the middle of the bed...) and after loading all of our stuff between the trunk, the luggage bag and the under-seat storage with luggage for 5, skis, coolers, etc. we had a ton of room to spare and had a very comfortable ride for our 5 1/2 hour journey up the mountain.

You made the right decision, dated as it may be this is still a great vehicle for those that need exactly what it is, a practical, proven, reliable mid-size truck. Honda may have missed the opportunity to properly market this thing but Gary Flint and team hit the sweet spot in designing this truck. It wasn't made to appease the masses but as most who have owned one will tell you it is all and more that anyone willing to be honest about what they really want/need in a truck will ever need. For those that honestly need more, this isn't the truck for them and that is OK. But for those of us that are not afraid to admit that we need nothing more than a mid-size truck I firmly believe the Gen1 Ridgeline is still the most practical and proven truck on the market.

I hope you enjoy your new ride, I am loving mine and while I hate to see this Gen go, I am sincerely hoping the next Gen lives up to the expectations not of the general truck market but of those that have owned a Gen 1 as they are the ones that will ensure the success of this line in the future...
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tmy3329 - yeah the turning radius is not the greatest "on par with my old Xterra", but have you tried turning a Tacoma? It's like trying to turn around a cruise ship.

xinunix - so far I am loving my Ridgeline. It rides great and accelerates like a bat out of hell. Much to my wife's dismay I have already loaded everything that was in the back of my Xterra, inside the Ridgeline "under the rear seat" and everything fits and I still have plenty of room inside. I'll be emptying it out soon enough. I see these guys with these huge lifted trucks, that maybe use them for towing their equally large travel trailers maybe once or twice a year and think that it would suck to have to live with something that big on a daily basis. The Ridgeline is cool because it will tow 5,000 lbs, hold 5 people and still have room in the bed for other items. Match it up with some of the light weight trailers on the market nowadays and you have a nice family getaway package.
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