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New Rims and Sneakahs!!

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Ordered these on Friday from Matt & the Discount Tire team (thanks guys!). Came Tuesday, and installed Tuesday night.

I went with 18" TSW Vortex with stock size Michelin LTX M/S tires. I love the clean 5-spoke look.

I got 76,000 miles out of the stock 17" Michelin LTX M/S tires and they rode & handled so well, I couldn't think of taking a chance with another brand.

Here she is...
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I love the clean 5-spoke look as well; very sharp! Thank you again for your business!
Those are gorgeous! But really, wouldn't they look better if they had fake bolt heads to mimic 3-piece wheels, and fake beadlocks too?

Just kidding - I'm right there with you on the clean, 5-spoke look; I wish more wheels were made in that style.

However, I am wondering how you got the stock 17" tire on an 18" wheel:)?

That's a clean look, Enjoy the Ride!!!
Thanks for the compliments guys! I highly recommend Discount Tire...great customer service!

Flymo - I had thought about getting a set with spikes and spinners, but decided for a clean look this time...?
For the record, the manufacturer of your wheels is TSW not TSX.

They look nice!
Ha! I'll edit it. I used to have a TSX...old habits!
Looking for an aggressive looking off road wheel and tire for my ridge. Not finding much on the web.
Lookin' Purdy! I need a set of summer wheels. Perhaps next year...
1 - 11 of 11 Posts
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