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Hi gents! I just became the unexpected owner of a 2006 Ridgeline RTL - Blue with 132000 miles on the clock. My father passed in December and this was his truck he bought new in 2006. I was never a fan of the design, but it grew on me after driving it. I own a 2005 Silverado Crew Cab and a 2001 Nissan X terra with 206K miles.
My brother and I inherited the truck and it needed some work. My father didn't maintain the truck real well at all and my original intention was to sell it. The blower wasn't working, all fluids needed changing, timing belt needed to be done, headliner was sagging, and the body had scratches and some road paint.

I got in this forum and read about the recalls with the blower motor and airbags and my dealer hooked me up. I decided to buy my brother's interest and keep the truck. We agreed on a good figure due to the overall condition. So far, I have had the headliner done, changed oil, cabin filter, and air filter. It is getting the body work done now.

Next, I am going to have the TB and water pump done and change all fluids.
What else do you guys recommend?

Look forward to learning!

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I'm unsure if you know about the Radiator issues, but this is an easy 3hr job if you stay focused, otherwise get it done with the timing belt, so you only pay for new coolant once.

Here are all the related Radiator and Transmission threads if you haven't found them all.

Happy Reading & Good luck

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