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New to this great forum after one year using a Ridgeline

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Hello there!!!

Greetings from Mazatlan, Sinaloa, Mexico. At the end of this month I´ll be reaching one year using my 2006 Silver Ridgeline RTL with sunroof (105k miles).

I´m the third owner of this beautiful truck. Here my story (HELP PLEASE):

Since I received it, I detected a steering wheel vibration while I was stopped waiting for the green light with the transmission on D, hesitation, not fluid acceleration, but never got an engine stall. After getting an OBDII reader, I got this codes:
-P2279 Intake air leak.
-P0301 to 0306. Misfires.

During almost a year, I´ve been reading this helpful Forum, and waiting for weekends and holidays for doing my self investigation, tests and repairs.

The truck has been this year with the CEL (Check Engine Light) always on. All codes has gone but the P2279 is still there. I have replaced:

- Throttle body gasket.
- EGR gasket.
- Intake manifold gaskets (all).
- PCV valve and hose.
- Sparks plugs (from the dealer by maintenance schedule).
- Valve adjustment, (services manual specs).
- Timing belt kit (Honda).
- MAP sensor. Working on the throttle body I broke the original.
- Made a flash and update to the Engine and Transmission PCM with my local dealer (I dont know how verify which version was installed on both.
- I´ve had made many times the idle learn procedure.
- Fuel pressure is under service manual specs.
- I can not locate any disconnected hose. All are secure connected.
- I can not hear any air fluid noise.
- I´ve made carbu clean test spraying the engine, and havent found any change or response on acceleration or stalled engine.
- The Ridgeline doesnt have any coolant leak visually.

- The last January 7, 2015, I replaced the fuel pump relay (remove MITSUBA and install a new DENSO). After two days (January 9, 2015) the CEL dissapears, but only for one day; on January 10, 2015, after fully loading the fuel tank, and start driving, the CEL turns on again.

Is there any other part to check, any procedure? What I can not see or found to resolve this issue?

I need help with this P2279. More brains and eyes can be more than helpful.

Thanks in advance.

Arnoldo Vazquez.
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Welcome to the ROC Arnoldo. :act030:

You may get better results posting some of your questions in a more appropriate forum than this one. Hopefully, members will chime in with some help or advice.
Hello Highboy90. Thanks for your recommendations. I hope with your help figure it out that obdII code P2279.

Arnoldo Vazquez
There are some very smart mechanic types on this forum... I expect you'll get some good replies.
What I notice is that you don't list injectors in your list of things addressed. We don't get a lot of injector issues, but they are one of the components you might want to address, given you've done so much else already.
I also saw you mentioned Carb cleaner..... did you just spray this on the outside of engine looking for vacuum leaks?.... or did you spray into the engine. You should never spray Carb cleaner into a fuel injected engine... use Throttle body cleaner instead. Some damage (seals/sensors?) can be done with carb cleaner (it's meant for carbureted engines).
Lastly, it sounds like you just need to find your air leak..... not much help with that answer, but your code seems to be telling you the tale. Maybe others will know more specifics.

As a side comment, make sure you've checked underneath your truck for any damaged wiring to various sensors. And a couple of areas you haven't addressed (not that I think they are related) are the Crankshaft position sensor and the cam position sensor. No reason to mention those, other than the fact that they have caused problems for some in the past..... this is just shotgun commentary. Good Luck.

P.S. Do you have any reason to suspect your fuel is not high quality?
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Note this is pretty much dupl to the post below.... better to consolidate replies there:
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