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I now have a 2013 RL sport, black. It replaced the 07 after 110k great miles.

I owned it almost 2 yrs. now, and have 36K miles. 3 service just came on, so off for trans / transfer fluid change....first one.

I occasionally tow a 6x12 single axle cargo trailer for local use. Its a cheepo, leaf springer. It bounces all over the place, its banged up....but got the job done. Mileage....sheesh.....usually 22 mpg, down to 12 with that flat nose bomb.

Hitting CL, I decided to upgrade to a 2000 Wells Cargo cycle trailer. dual axle, torsion springs, 6" lower, air stream bubble in front. HOLY MOLY....does that thing pull like a dream!!!!!!!!!! even found it in black, to match my RL!

This thing has the 7 pin. conn. and the breakaway kit. I need to replace the battery, its the original.

Anyway, pin 4 is supposed to be hot to "trickle" charge the battery and run "misc" loads. any way to see if its really putting out through pin 4? This is the first time I will be using that pin. I have pulled a tow dolley with elect. brakes, and that works fine through my I assume #4 is good.

Fuses: I THINK in the older models, they added an aux. fuse box for towing? yes? for the they add and aux.?? or is it somewhere else for towing? I ask since I've "heard" that there is a 20amp fuse for the charging pin 4. anyone know for sure?

thanks. Yes...pict to follow!!!!!!!!!!


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